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Brilliant Halo Casket Adornment

Brilliant Halo Casket Adornment

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A crescent-shaped spray of radiant flowers designed to grace the top of an open casket. This exquisite arrangement is reminiscent of a vibrant rainbow, with flowers thoughtfully grouped by their captivating colours. It begins with cheerful yellow gerberas, with the golden hues of solidago scattered throughout. A seamless gradient of purple tulips forms the next enchanting grouping, leading to the striking presence of large blue hydrangeas at the center. The arrangement then transitions to a delicate blend of fragrant pink lilies, vibrant hot pink gerberas, and a bed of blushing pink roses. Continuing the journey, a grouping of creamy yellow gladiolus blooms harmonizes with radiant orange roses, creating a captivating symphony of colors. The 'Brilliant Halo Casket Adornment' is a lively and heartfelt tribute, invoking the beauty of a wild garden in full bloom.

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