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Denouement Casket Spray

Denouement Casket Spray

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An exquisite contemporary full casket spray adorned with a premium selection of tropical flowers in rich shades of red, pink, and green. This sophisticated and stylized piece features a cascading spray of vibrant pink anthuriums as the focal point, gracefully leading the eye to a lush grouping of delicate pink roses. The sides of the arrangement are accentuated by the radiant sprays of lime green orchids, while the spaces between are filled with the lush beauty of purple amaranth. At the center, a delightful grouping of pink lilies captures the essence of grace and serenity. The addition of ginger blooms extending from the sides and the inclusion of large tropical leaves frame this masterpiece with a touch of grandeur. The Denouement Casket Spray serves as a resplendent tribute, celebrating the beauty and vibrancy of a life well lived.

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